22.10.2020 | Landsea Ranked Top 1 in Real Estate CITI Index

On October 22, 2020, the Center for Public Environment (IPE) released the results of the seventh annual evaluation of the Green Supply Chain CITI Index at the 2020 Green Supply Chain & Climate Action Forum. Landsea Group has been ranked top1 in the real estate sector for four consecutive years and continues to maintain its leading position in the green real estate industry as the only real estate company to be ranked top30 in the industry for four consecutive years.


Within China, IPE deepened our collaboration with China Urban Reality Association (CURA), whose efforts have consistently demonstrated the power of industrial coalitions in raising the bar of supply chain environmental management, and the significant impact this can generate in reversing the conditions in which bad performers are rewarded with more business due to the lower prices and drive out good performers in environmental compliance.In June, IPE was invited to give an online training to 45 property developers who participate in CURA’s 10th collaborative sourcing program. Upon receiving the list of 184 suppliers from CURA, IPE conducted screening against our Blue Map database to see if they have remaining environmental violations or have taken corrective measures and issued public explanations accordingly. As of September, CURA has required 33 suppliers of escalators, pumps, waterproof material, glass and windows, solar heaters, paint and door locks, household appliances, sanitary ware, ceramics, furniture, aluminum material, ventilation appliance to at least provide public explanations regarding previous violation records to qualify for orders.

The Green Supply Chain CITI Evaluation was jointly developed by the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in 2014. The most important core component of high CITI scores is highfunctioning environmental oversight that enables a brand to develop a supplier portfolio of strong factories that guarantee their environmental responsibilities – both compliance and beyond compliance – are regarded with the utmost importance. Points are maximized when companies give priority to their hotspots of environmental impact, reaching beyond their Tier 1 suppliers and pushing their direct suppliers to screen their own suppliers. In 2020, IPE independently evaluated brands from 19 industries, whereas the environment and waste management industry was jointly evaluated by Wuhu Ecology Center and IPE.



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